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7 Sisters promote the 3rd edition of the Hemp Fiber Meeting in Grândola



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Photo: DR | 7 sisters

It is already on the next Friday, the 6th of May, that the 3rd Edition of Hemp Fiber Lab, or Hemp Fiber Meeting, organized by the collective 7 Irmãs, which is dedicated to the exploration and promotion of hemp culture in Portugal. The event takes place at Lugar da Mina da Caveira, in Grândola, and includes workshops, walks, yoga, meditation, cannabis meals, concerts and entertainment for children.

The 7 Sisters promote the ancient work of manual transformation of vegetable fibers, which involved the whole community, and which was of great importance in local communities, especially for women – the spinners and weavers. “Crafts and specifically textile creation have been one of the first and most important pillars of women's sustainability and autonomy since the beginning of humanity”, says Lilian Ribeiro, one of the 7 Sisters and facilitator of the event. “We found ourselves with the desire to rescue the knowledge and techniques lost around hemp, which was used so much in Portugal, and to make our own yarn, step-by-step, from the plants we harvested together last year. ”.

Lugar Minas da Caveira is an estate with an old deactivated Roman mine, where a reforestation project with rural tourism began 8 years ago. “It is a unique place, which invites a connection and deep reflection with nature, on a hill in the Serra de Grândola, with leisure spaces, dam, spaces for activities and retreat, and with a unique landscape and architecture”, says Lilian. .

Lilian is the founder of the 7 Sisters and will be one of the event's trainers, together with Alice Albergaria Borges, a textile designer specialized in hand weaving, crochet and natural dyeing. Catarina Caixeiro and Nasser Faraj join the team in the “alchemy of the kitchen”, to prepare vegan and vegetarian meals for the participants of the meeting, adding cannabis culture to the gastronomy. Meals are free for course participants.

The organization It also welcomes the participation of children from the age of 4, so that both parents and children can enjoy the whole encounter

The total value of the participation, for the 3 days including all activities and food, is 170€. However, there are several options for participation, ranging from accommodation to just 1 day or just dinner or just a concert, for example. The program and other information can be consulted in the document below. For any questions, contact the 7 Sisters at






[Disclaimer: Please note that this text was originally written in Portuguese and is translated into English and other languages ​​using an automatic translator. Some words may differ from the original and typos or errors may occur in other languages.]


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