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Portuguese Association of Medicinal Cannabis presented today at the CCB, in Lisbon



The Portuguese Association of Medicinal Cannabis (APCM) was officially presented today at the CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, during the Legal Cannabis Portugal Event, organized by the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC). The news was released this morning by Filomena Frazão de Aguiar, who is the President of the Association's Board of Directors.

APCM's mission is to “represent members and defend their rights and legitimate interests, study, debate and disseminate information related to medical cannabis”. According to Filomena Frazão de Aguiar, the association aims to “promote and contribute to the development of the economic, social, scientific, industrial, therapeutic and commercial value of medicinal cannabis in Portugal, in terms of cultivation, industrialization, commercialization, research, development and export of products obtained from cannabis”.

Filomena Frazão de Aguiar during her presentation at the Legal Cannabis Portugal Event, this morning, at the CCB, in Lisbon

According to the Statutes of the newly created APCM, the association's main objectives are:

• Study, debate, promote and disseminate information on cannabis and its medicinal uses;
• Promoting cooperation between associates with a view to converging positions and enhancing synergies, namely by fostering greater efficiency in the cultivation, production and marketing of the same and the development and patenting of new products and by-products resulting from the treatment and processing of medical cannabis , promoting a cluster in Portugal of international dimension and reference;
• Cooperate and share contributions with international associations representing the sector;
• Defend the prestige and image of activities related to medical cannabis, namely the dissemination of its therapeutic aspects and its potential;
• Promoting and disseminating seminars, conferences and information meetings for its members, as well as promoting civic, social and political intervention in the different social dimensions that involve medical cannabis;
• Assist in the continuous and specialized training of its associates;
• Promote the adoption of good practice rules for cannabis cultivation, production, marketing and administration activities;
• Publish, on an occasional or regular basis, studies, news, reports and other articles relevant to the association's objectives, actions and activity;
• Support and promote scientific research on medical cannabis, namely through the attribution of prizes and research grants;
• Contemplate with financial support;
• Mediate and be an interlocutor in the interactions of its Associates with regulatory bodies and any other public authority;
• Contribute to the legislative quality of diplomas that regulate or in any way affect the sector;
• Mediate interactions between its own Associates, or between them and other stakeholders in the national and international market;

• Enhance public discussion about medical cannabis, widely publicize its therapeutic benefits and also provide correct information to authorities and public opinion about it.

The launch of the association's website and social networks will be announced shortly.

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Carlos castro
1 year ago

Congratulations on the i initiative… How to associate…


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