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Juicy Fields: Between the tragic and the unbelievable is a police case



Juicy Fields website print screen as of today, July 22, 2022

Between the tragic and the unbelievable, this is how the succession of events associated with Juicy Fields in the last 10 days, in a case that can only be solved by the police and the competent authorities. As the harbingers of the end emerged, statements, documents and communications from former employees also became public, guaranteeing that they were only workers and that they did not hold shares in the company, not being linked to its operations. Among the injured, thousands of wallets (digital wallets for cryptocurrencies) have already been identified with the funds, millions of capital movement operations and a fraud that amounts to an amount yet to be determined. 

Since July 11, Juicy Fields has been under fire, as the signs of the company's cessation of activity made the investor communities move forward with close monitoring, both to employees who had direct contact with this community, and to the digital wallets they allegedly hold. investments made by thousands of people from all over the world. Investors work tirelessly, gathering all the information they can and that, even so, and despite the amount, their authenticity does not always allow for a raw analysis of the facts.

Various companies registered in different countries

According to an article published by The Financial Country, which presents a document regarding the JuicyFields Group, which refers to the various representatives of the JuicyFields Group (both the appointed representatives and their beneficial owners), Juicy Fields was, as far as it was possible to determine, divided between several companies registered in different countries, such as:

  • Germany (Juicy Grow GmbH, whose director in 2021 was Viktor Britner);
  • Switzerland (JuicyFields AG, since 28 April 2022, managed by Duke Stefan Ludwig Graf von Luxburg, Prince and Duke Jörg Wolfgang Prinz von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Herzog zu Sachsen and Robert Michael Müller, having been incorporated in 2013 under the name “Luxburg Carolath Holding AG”);
  • The Netherlands (Juicy Holdings BV, incorporated at the end of 2021 owned by Juicy Fields AG and with Robert Michael Muller as Director);
  • and a branch in Portugal (Juicy Holdings BV – Branch in Portugal, with a representative based in Madrid, Spain).

Although the former CEO of Juicy Fields, Alan Glanse, has verified the authenticity and veracity of the information contained in the document presented by the Spanish newspaper, the information is still not considered 100% correct. Through the document, according to the The Financial Country, which shares the passports of the alleged entrepreneurs, it appears that the company Juicy Grow GmbH, is owned by 3 entrepreneurs of Russian nationality, 80% of the company Juicy Fields AG is owned by the same three individuals (Paul Bergolts, majority shareholder of the company ( 51%), and represented by Robert Laibach, are Alex Vaimer (24,5%) and Vasily Kadinski (24,5%). Both companies are managed by attorney Viktor Britner.

Employees in silence. Divided company. Factions at war. Money, don't even see it.

According to the reports of several former employees of the company, they never had an employment relationship with Juicy Fields, being only employees on a freelancing. Many of these officials have already made public statements regarding their personal situations, confiding that they are receiving threats, but that they also do not know what is going on.

The largest and most substantial amount of information has reportedly come from former CEOs Alan Glanse and Willie van der Merwe. Alan Glanse has been CEO of Juicy Fields since practically the beginning of the project, having allegedly served until the end of May (As per the Juicy Fields Newsletter of 25/05/2022). It was at this time that he was allegedly in direct contact with Willie van der Merwe with a view to transferring the Juicy Fields directive “folder”. Less clear than the Juicy Fields newsletter was the change of CEO at Juicy Fields, with several different versions of the story circulating.

The fact is that an alleged meeting took place in May that brought together several of the alleged actors in Juicy Fields, to conclude the transfer of powers to Willie Van der Merwe. Allegedly, Willie van der Merwe has claimed to have officially joined the company on 1 June. However, the business records contradict this rhetoric, giving the date of entry of Willie van der Merwe in the management of Juicy Fields AG the 23rd of June.

For several days, Willie van der Merwe will have addressed investors several times, communicating changes that would be necessary for the company, in order to comply with the obligations required by the German regulatory authorities. BAFIN and spanish CNVM. The CEO broke with the doubts that something was happening when, in a statement dated 12 July, clarified that there was no problem with Juicy Fields, that only changes to the platform would be necessary, which would be conditioned to the acceptance of five members, not anticipating with such a statement that the situation would change so quickly. It only took two days for everything to change.

On the 14th of July, Willie van der Merwe addressed the community, informing that, 42 days after joining the company, he regretted his decision to leave the company. In this statement, Willie strongly criticizes the owners of the companies Juicy Fields AG, of which he was CEO, and Juicy Holdings BV, referring to the continuous interference of an unidentified individual, affecting and influencing the remaining decisions of the owners. In fact, in this statement, the former CEO of the company claims to have possibly enough material to discuss future details of this case in court.

Allegedly, Willie van der Merwe sent, days later, to the community a release where he makes some observations regarding the situation. Although this document was allegedly by Willie van der Merwe, the Cannareporter was unable to verify its authenticity. However, the content of the statement makes devastating statements, exposing Friederich Von Luxburg, allegedly brother of Stefan Graf Von Luxburg (unverified) and manager of the company Juicy Fields AG.

The statement reads: “Although a person by the name of Friederich von Luxburg did not appear on any company registration documents in Germany, the Netherlands or Switzerland, he seemed to have become the voice of the owners. He informed me shortly after my memo, dated June 5, 2022, that the owners had rejected my proposals for these changes and that he would already be busy with a company prospectus.”

CannaReporter referred questions to Willie van der Merwe, which were not answered at the time of this article's publication. To CannaReporter, some Juicy Fields employees said they would not comment on the events, claiming that they did not have any information about the company, being receiving the news through the existing Telegram groups. The employees claim, for the most part, that they did not belong to the staff or had any participation in the company, which is confirmed in the light of the documentation obtained so far.

a police case

The investor communities, although they are taking their complaints to the competent authorities and delivering their reports and documentation, are not failing to seek information and contact everyone who may have it. However, the same seems to be happening behind the scenes, among the various players in the company. A page called “Juicy Fields Facts”, allegedly arose from the hand of several members and employees of the company JuicyFields AG (Dr Robert Müller, Stefan Graf von Luxburg, Thomas Stieger, Birgit-Elisabeth Neumann).

O first announcement, allegedly written by Robert Michael Muller, identifies several of the participants in the companies that made up Juicy Fields, as well as some documents regarding the registration of these companies, as well as employees of the banks where Juicy Fields would have open bank accounts. O second release of this group, signed by Birgit-Elisabeth Neumann (who, according to the statement, has acted as a consultant in the context of BAFIN's investigations into Juicy Holdings BV since mid-June), states that the owners and operators of the platform (Paul Bergolts, Robert Laibach, Alex Vaimer, Vasily Kadinski, Alan Glanse, Erika Misela) were asked several times to provide information and to take into account BAFIN regulations.

O third announcement of this group, on the other hand, narrates a meeting between Robert Muller, Birgit-Elisabeth Neumann and Thomas Stieger, where they denounce the falsification of documents and the opening of an account at the ISX Financial bank, in Cyprus. The authors of the document declare that this account was opened through documents whose signature was forged. In this statement, an alleged email from attorney Robert Laibach is shared, whose sender would be an individual named Alex, where the FidurHone. Conversations are also shared in a Telegram group where Alex Vaimer allegedly accuses the Luxburg brothers for the disappearance of company funds. (Last pages of the third announcement).

However, after the publication of fourth statement (which now includes Friedrich Graf von Luxburg, not Robert Muller), where allegedly the group and the companies JuicyFields AG and Juicy Holdings BV say they are not making changes to the website from JuicyFields (, nor do they have access to it.

On the website, new updates appeared during the day, with some documents relating to the German financial regulator to be published, preceded by the following text: “Dear Graf supporters and the rest of the Luxburg team, as they claim to have nothing in common with JuicyFields and continue to deceive you, we would like to hear their version of what happened to the user funds that were sent to Graf via USDT”, leaving at the end an appeal to Graf von Luxburg “Graf, stop acting bad please, we are getting pissed and especially our guys in black hoods.” None of the Graf von Luxburg brothers have commented on this situation.

The website also has a paragraph where it makes reference to Fiburhone (which appears in the alleged telegram messages between Robert Laibach and “Alex”), alleging that Graf von Luxburg is evading millions of USDT (Willie van der Merwe had already warned of the sums demanded by Graf von Luxburg regarding the financial prospectuses demanded by Bafin, which never appeared, according to him). The Juicy Fields website reads “When it comes to moving large amounts of funds, this is where it can get difficult. Unless you have your own personal private pocket bank like Fidurhone. Don't be confused by the lack of a website for this bank, whenever you need to fly under the radar and send large sums to the Bahamas or elsewhere – Fidurhone is the answer” – referring to a sub-fund of Graf von Luxburg in the Bahamas, in Lucayas Bank.

These phrases appear among some texts that Internet users consider to be a joke in bad taste. O website contains various information regarding the return of funds and regarding emails to explain the situation. This data is not considered secure, and users and victims are not encouraged to open any of the files or emails they receive or see on the Juicy Fields website.

LC MED AG – From strategic partnership to clarification and formal distancing

According to data that CannaReporter had access to, it is still not possible to exclude or attribute blame in this case, as there are many aspects to be resolved in this complex web of companies. However, the sequence of events that characterizes the situation at Juicy Fields is still strange.

Apparently, when the company showed abnormal signs of operation, the Juicy Fields address on the website was changed to the address of the company LCMed AG. Immediately, there was a reaction from LCMed AG to disassociate itself from the company. The truth is that through Web Archive, we found a very explicit relationship between both companies in the footer of the home page, in a version of that website on March 21, 2022.

LCMed AG website in March 2021

LCMed AG is a company that received an alleged investment of 2,5 million euros, in December 2021, from the Juicy Fields Group, whose objective would be a strategic partnership and cooperation. Allegedly, LCMed AG is a company owned by the investment company Luxburg Carolath Investments Fund SICAV – LC Pharma Fund, owned by the company Ahead Wealth Solutions AG, being a client of Luxburg Carolath Abogados.

LCMed AG presents as its address “Kurfürstendamm 136,10711 Berlin, Germany”. Equal address presents Luxburg Carolath Abogados and Luxburg Carolath GroupJuicyFields AG (formerly Luxburg Carolath Holding AG) was also a company owned by the Luxburg brothers.

CannaReporter tried to reach Stefan Graf von Luxburg, but to no avail.



[Disclaimer: Please note that this text was originally written in Portuguese and is translated into English and other languages ​​using an automatic translator. Some words may differ from the original and typos or errors may occur in other languages.]


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