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USA: Missouri is the 21st state to legalize adult cannabis use



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Just a day after the state of Maryland, Missouri voters also ruled in favor of Amendment 3, a voting initiative that legalizes the licensed possession, cultivation and sale of cannabis for those over 21 in that state. Missouri is bolder in regulation, allowing adults to own up to three ounces of cannabis (85 grams) and home grow up to six flowering plants, six immature plants and six plants under 14 inches (35 cm) to grow. personal use.

The new regulation also establishes a program to automatically review and delete records of non-violent cannabis-related crimes and is intended to expand market share for licensed cannabis. The trade is expected to include small business owners and those representing disadvantaged populations, with limited capital, residents of communities on the brink of poverty, service-disabled veterans, and those who have previously been convicted of non-violent cannabis offences.

“This is truly a historic occasion,” said Dan Viets, co-author of Amendment 3, Coordinator of the NORML of Missouri and Chairman of the 3 Amendment Advisory Board. “This means that the vast majority of the 20.000 people who were arrested year after year in Missouri will no longer be subject to criminal prosecution for cannabis law violations,” he said.

“Missouri clearly demonstrated that support for ending Prohibition is not relegated to the coasts or the deep blue states, but that it is a common sense position that resonates with all Americans,” said the executive director of the United States. NORML, Erik Altieri. “With the passage of Amendment 3, Missouri voters rejected the failed ideas of the past and chose to chart a new path oriented toward justice and sound public policy,” Altieri said.


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