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Cannadouro returns to Alfândega do Porto next weekend



Shortly after Porto was chosen by the World Travel Awards as the best city destination in the world in 2022, here comes the cannabis tourism event of the year to Invicta: the 5th Edition of cannadouro — International Hemp Fair in Portugal  returns, on the 19th and 20th of November, to the old Alfândega do Porto, a historic building from the XNUMXth century on the banks of the Douro River.  

Since 2017, in November, a countdown begins until the penultimate weekend of the month, when the Cannadouro — International Hemp Fair of Portugal always takes place. Since the 1st edition, in November 2017, Cannadouro has established itself as the “meeting place for cannabis culture in Portugal and the entire Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, receiving more and more visitors from Galicia, and many other places, because Porto is now one of the most visited cities in Europe”, according to the press release.

Over the 2 days Cannadouro will feature conferences and a fair for companies and associations related to hemp and cannabis.

Tickets are on sale at Ticketline ou na Fnac and can also be purchased at the door at Alfândega do Porto. It costs €10 one day or €15 for a two-day pass.

"There is only one cannabis!”
Parallel to the fair, the Cannadouro conferences offer visitors information about the Agricultural, Industrial, Recreational, Therapeutic and Medicinal use of Cannabis today, through a vast panel of lectures facilitated by internationally renowned speakers. see the complete program here.

The Cannadouro conference cycle takes place throughout the weekend and is free for anyone with a ticket to the Fair.

In the commercial area, more than 60 national and international companies will show brands and new products to the Portuguese market. In the Associative zone, several associations and movements provide information to visitors, and try to reverse the harmful effects of prohibitionism, providing information regarding risk reduction and defending the rights of medical cannabis patients, who continue to be prevented from accessing the therapies they need . In the cultural area there will be artistic installations and photographic exhibitions around the cannabis plant. The outside area of ​​the fair is where the celebration takes place and the organization has not forgotten the comfort and enjoyment of visitors: street food, Vape Lounge to relax and a stage where there will be several performances over the 2 days.

The first day, Saturday, ends with an After Party at the mythical Hard Club, in partnership with NOMAD EMBASSY and Till Sunday Pirate (Renato Oliveira ), an event with live tribal music, along with the magic of DUB.

Cannadouro HEMP Meeting, 1st Edition
"The relaunch of the hemp industry in Portugal”

Workshop on hemp farming by the 7 Sisters. Photo: Social Weed

In 2022, Cannadouro decided to bet on something new, dedicating the first day of the conferences exclusively to agro-industrial hemp through a new event called Cannadouro Hemp Meeting, a day of lectures with international speakers from various areas within the industrial hemp sector.

The use of hemp in eco-construction is the theme chosen for this 1st edition, as it is “a solution that is having great acceptance and allows the immediate disposal of hemp straw, until now considered a by-product”.

MAGAZINE:” Towards cannabis legality!”

As in all editions, all visitors will be offered the magazine that is a guide to the fair, with all relevant information about the event.

“In 2021 we launched Cannadouro Magazine, a quarterly paper magazine, also with an online version, dedicated to disseminating information about cannabis, which already has 7 editions”, says the organization. Cannadouro Magazine is always launched with the arrival of each new season of the year, and transmits information to its readers from an anti-prohibitionist perspective, dedicating space to news, reports, interviews and feature articles on cannabis and agro-industrial hemp.

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