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Spannabis welcomed more than 25.000 visitors to its 19th edition



From the 10th to the 12th of March, Barcelona hosted the 19th edition of the Spannabis, the world's largest cannabis event. Over the three days, more than 25.000 people attended Fira de Cornellá to explore the latest trends, products and technologies of the growing international cannabis industry.

This year, Spannabis has placed particular emphasis on the medical use of cannabis and CBD, as well as sustainability. With more than 500 companies from around the world, from seed banks to paraphernalia and grow-related stores, countless brands of CBD products, nutrients, grow light systems and hemp items were represented in around 300 stands positioned in several pavilions distributed throughout the event.

Demonstrations of the latest farming techniques were also on display, with exhibitors highlighting their sustainable, organic and eco-friendly approaches, as well as a strong focus on technology and innovation, with some of the exhibitors showcasing the latest advances in technology in what when it comes to cannabis consumption, including innovative vaporizers, bongs and cannabis-infused drinks.

Conferences held during Spannabis featured a wide range of speakers, including clinicians, scientists and industry experts who shared their knowledge and perspectives on the benefits of cannabis, its medicinal applications and the changing regulatory landscape around the world.

Chatting with Nat and Halle Pennington

Halle Pennington and her father Nathaniel Pennington. Photo: DR

During Spannabis the Cannareporter had the opportunity to talk with the founder and CEO of The Humboldt Seed Company, Nathaniel Pennington, who told a little of his story, shared opinions about the industry and even gave some ideas to follow in Portugal. He also confirmed that there are genetics from his company being grown in Portugal and his daughter, Halle Pennington, shared what it's like to be a woman in an industry dominated by men. The interview will be published shortly on Cannareporter.

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