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Mexico: Xebra Brands and Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo team up on innovative cannabis research



A Xebra Brands Ltd., a Canadian cannabis company, announced on Press release a partnership with the Autonomous University of Chapingo (ChAU), an agricultural educational institution, to promote the innovation and commercial application of cannabis with less than 1% THC in Mexico.

After signing the partnership agreement, ChAU and Xebra agreed to collaborate on a number of actions, including:

  • Import of a wide selection of cannabis seeds
  • Develop cannabis crops in various regions of Mexico to determine the best strains for each region that also help control pests and disease resistance.
  • Provide production assistance and support in growing cannabis with high cannabinoid production in plants with less than 1% THC, Xebra Brands land and other farms controlled by the University of Chapingo throughout Mexico.
  • The University of Chapingo, being an agricultural technical specialist, suggests that the guidelines of the COFEPRIS (the equivalent of the Portuguese INFARMED) are to be considered agronomically viable for the first historic cannabis authorization granted to Xebra subsidiary Desart MX (Xebra Mexico) last week.

The Autonomous University of Chapingo (ChAU) has a long history, dating back to 1854, when it was founded as the “National School of Agriculture”. The university has evolved into the oldest and most prestigious agricultural university in Mexico, boasting a total of 11.200 students, of which 700 are postgraduates and 1.082 are professors. ChAU spans 12 Mexican states, covering a huge geographic area of ​​facilities and farms.

Roberto Rendon Medel, Professor of Research and Technical Director of the Agreement, said that the University sees immense potential in research and development of innovations through its students and professors. “As an agricultural and rural university in Mexico, we are convinced that relationships with companies like Xebra increase the scope of our research and technological development for the benefit of the Mexican population, economy and environment”.

Todd Dalotto, Chief Scientific Officer at Xebra Brand, added, “The collaboration between the agricultural expertise and research capabilities of the University of Chapingo, along with Xebra’s exclusive cannabis authorizations in Mexico, makes this public-private partnership meaningful and exciting.” .

This partnership between Xebra Brands and the Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo marks a significant milestone in cannabis research in Mexico. The collaboration is expected to generate substantial economic, social and environmental benefits for the country.


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