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Cannabis Embassy, ​​Get to know the international network impacting global cannabis policy



Cannabis Embassy is an international network of grassroots non-profit organisations impacting global cannabis policies since 1998, finally uniting under the same banner. Relying on generous donors and sponsors in continuing in their decades long advocacy for cannabis [hemp] law and policy reform, Cannabis Embassy returns to the United Nations in March 2024 for CND67) - the midterm review.

What is the Cannabis Embassy?

Cannabis Embassy envisions a world where humankind lives in harmony with Cannabis sativa L.. – in its versatile uses, across all ecosystems, histories, and cultures - thereby contributing to the well-being of all life.

Cannabis Embassy aims at enabling informed, respectful, just societies where Cannabis sativa L. is normal, by fostering solidarity and amplifying voices in international drug policy, actively contributing to ongoing reforms.


Cannabis Embassy is a global network of grassroots non-profit organisations headed by UN veteran activists, who have proven that knowledge, experience, and resilience can indeed lead to real change.

Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli, French-Algerian researcher based in Barcelona, ​​co-founded FDM – FAAAT. Image

Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli (Barcelona) and Farid Ghehiouèche (Paris) co-founded FDM-FAAAT in 2015. The organization has enjoyed particular involvement in scheduling changes to cannabis under the  Single Convention from 1961 to 2016 and led many key discussions in UN and EU cannabis and hemp policies.

Kenzi is a French-Algerian interdisciplinary researcher and advocate for sustainable drug policy reforms, using Action Research (matching scholars and citizens) as a catalyst for legal and social change. Kenzi is notably involved in studying alternative pathways for Cannabis policy reform, linking international law with local grassroots initiatives. He has authored and participated in compiling numerous articles and technical reports

Farid Gehouièche, Activist for the decriminalization of cannabis, co-founder of Cannabis Sans Frontières and FDM-FAAAT. Author: Delphine Goldsztejn Credits: Le Parisien/Delphine Goldsztejn

related to various aspects of cannabis policy.

Farid has been active at UN and European Union levels since 2003 through his involvement in European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD), of which he is chairperson.He continues to be deeply involved at CND sessions, attending as a civil society delegate, and part of different NGO delegations.

Michael Krawitz, in 2020, while participating in CND, in Vienna

Kenzi and Farid's work were supported by Michael A. Krawitz (USA), an eminent figure in the field of medical cannabis research and advocacy, in contributing to the rescheduling of cannabis. Michael has authored several contributions to cannabis, combining historical insights with policy implications. He has worked on intellectual property rights (Appellations of Origin) for traditional cannabis farmers.

Hana Gabrielova, owner of the company Checha Hempoint, is a well-known figure in the European hemp scene. Image: Hemptoday

Hana Gabrielová (Czech Republic) owns the hempoint vehicle for policy work with FDM-FAAAT - has a 20-year history both at the international and EU levels in cannabis policy, non-profit, for-profit, and educational work around hemp and cannabis.

Myrthle Clarke, founder of the NGO Fields of Green for All. Photo: TimesLive.Co.Za

Myrtle Clarke (South Africa) co-founder and managing director of Fields of Green for ALL free translation), which holds special consultative status in the Economic and Social Council UN. This non-profit civil society organization can actively participate in UN events such as CND, providing a strong platform for the Cannabis Embassy to amplify global cannabis voices.

Sara Brittany Somerset founded the first cannabis information desk within the UN

Sara Brittany Somerset, a notable drug policy reform advocate focused on cannabis as a genuine medicine for people with disabilities, established the first cannabis- and drug policy-related newsdesk at the UN headquarters in New York, USA in 2011, with media accreditation starting as Bureau Chief of Trans High Corp, parent company of High Times.

Cannabis Embassy has many more members from around the world and is constantly growing. Interested grassroots non-profit organisations, researchers, and activists sharing our vision are invited to get in touch to learn more.

Events beyond CND67

Before presenting at CND67, Cannabis Embassy will host two sessions at their freeCampus Events” on Wednesday, March 13th. Location will be confirmed upon successful registration.

Session 1: UN & Advocacy History explores the history of the vibrant advocacy movement that has grown over the past 20 years to become the Cannabis Embassy.

session 2: Legacy & Biopiracy confronts various pressing issues facing legacy cannabis communities (small-scale farmers, local communities, and indigenous peoples) due to the multifaceted risks of biopiracy.

On Saturday, 16 March, Cannabis Embassy will be in Brno, Czechia, participating in policy meetings as well as a cannabis-related conference. We will host a General Assembly on Sunday, 17 March, in Vienna to officially launch the Cannabis Embassy and advance future drug policies and political strategies.

CND67 – Midterm Review

A 67th session of the Narcotics Commission (CND67) takes place at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria 14-22 March 2024. This year marks the midterm review (for the 2019-2029 period), with a two-day high-level segment occurring 14-15 March followed by the regular sessions over 18-22 March. The Cannabis Embassy team will keep you updated on the CND67 in these columns.

Cannabis Embassy presents at two side events on Thursday 21 March. The first side-event #AandA: Access and Availability, from Palliative Care to Primary Care, happens at 9 am. The second side event Cannabis & Biopiracy, takes place at 13 pm. Both are in room M7.

Support the Cannabis Embassy

Bringing the Cannabis Embassy team to the UN as well as continuing our global efforts relies on generous donations and sponsors. Support the ongoing efforts of Cannabis Embassy in the UN and beyond as we shape a world where humankind lives in harmony with Cannabis sativa L. here.




[Disclaimer: Please note that this text was originally written in Portuguese and is translated into English and other languages ​​using an automatic translator. Some words may differ from the original and typos or errors may occur in other languages.]


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