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João Costa and Laura Ramos, founders of CannaReporter. Photo: Sónia Ferreira / SICAD

Cannareporter (formerly called Cannapress) is a cannabis news portal, founded by journalist Laura Ramos and activist João Costa in 2017. It was at that time that they met and realized that it was urgent to have more knowledge and more information in an area where misinformation reigned. 

Originally written in Portuguese, Cannareporter currently has automatic translation in six languages ​​and has established itself as an international reference, with tens of thousands of readers in more than 130 countries. The information provided by Cannareporter intends to approach cannabis in all its aspects: medicinal, therapeutic, industrial and 'recreational'. We are honored to count on the participation of several collaborators and columnists, which you can consult in our Board Characteristics.

João Costa (Deputy Director), Fernando Bandrés (Director) and Laura Ramos (Editor) at the first conference organized by PTMC, in 2018

In 2018 we published Episode Zero of the documentary series “Patients”, a short film about therapeutic cannabis users in Portugal, whose trailer was presented at the Health Commission of the Assembly of the Republic, during the discussion of the Bill to regulate medical cannabis. We hope to continue this investigation and carry out more interviews, listening to all stakeholders in society, from government entities to health professionals, including lawyers, patients, farmers, traders, researchers, associations, institutions and industry.

Cannareporter is also responsible for conference cycles PTMC – Portugal Medical Cannabis, which brings to our country the most renowned doctors and researchers in the field of medical cannabis to promote education and training in the community, especially health professionals, lawyers and patients.

Photo: Fábio Barros / Cannapress

Cannareporter has no political, party, ideological, economic or religious affiliation and aims to contribute to the debate on cannabis with rigor and impartiality, in accordance with our Editorial Status. We believe that responsible cannabis use can only be achieved through more reliable information and individual freedom, which is the best way to promote public health, end the war on drugs and stimulate the local economy, to the detriment of trafficking and organized crime.

Cannareporter has an independent content creation team in Portugal and collaborators from around the world, fulfilling the best premises of freedom of expression and information, always trying to listen to all parties involved and renouncing any form of censorship. We don't follow the culture of clickbait to achieve more page views! We prefer to focus on quality over quantity, because we know our readers want the best information, not the most sensational.

Photo: DR

Since 2017, we have all worked on a base pro bono, but the truth is that it is extremely difficult and practically unsustainable to continue on this record or grow without funding our project. That's exactly why we chose to create a campaign on Patreon, so that people like you, who believe that our work is necessary, can contribute with small amounts. If we are many, it costs very little to all and together we can make a difference!

Photo: DR

Essentially to pay journalists, photographers and image banks, in order to be able to publish more news, do more reports and interviews, covering more and better the current affairs of the world of cannabis worldwide. If we have more funding, we will also be able to do more in-depth investigations and hire qualified professionals (such as camera operators and image editors) to continue making our docuseries, which stopped at Episode Zero, on Patients. Another priority would be to improve automatic translation into other languages ​​and add subtitles to our video content, namely the PTMC – Portugal Medical Cannabis lectures, so that more people can understand the benefits of medical cannabis, through the words of the doctors and researchers who came to our country. We would also like to invest more in informational and risk reduction campaigns on social media, to disseminate more and more impartial and credible information about cannabis, in order to minimize harm, especially among young people.

If you believe that our work is important, join the green revolution and become one of our Patrons!


Watch the Documentary "Patients"

Documentary Patients Laura Ramos help us grow

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