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CannaReporter is already a reference in cannabis information worldwide, with thousands of readers in over 130 countries. Investing in Advertising at Cannareporter means taking your brand to the 4 corners of the world, obtaining enormous visibility in a medium already internationally recognized for its professionalism and credibility.


If you want to be present in one of the best international cannabis media, contact our advertising team. We have customized solutions for each company, brand or specific situation.


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National13 hours ago

Portugal: Mothers for Cannabis Movement launches petition for the right to personal and associative cultivation

The Mothers for Cannabis Movement, founded in Portugal in May 2022 by hundreds of patients seeking access to cannabis...

press releases6 days ago

GNR: 10 months of investigation to seize 32 doses of hashish and 48 of cocaine

The Territorial Command of Porto, through the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) of Felgueiras, on November 28th, detained...

Interviews6 days ago

André Paquete Carvalho: “Amsterdam is very open, but we still live in times of tolerance. Cannabis here is still illegal.”

The interviews “Working with Cannabis”, published in Cannadouro Magazine, seek to introduce Portuguese people who work in the cannabis sector...

Hemp2 weeks ago

Cannabis or hemp? Is Spain making the same mistakes as Portugal?

The Guardia Civil recently announced the largest cannabis seizure ever in Spain, but soon after, several voices came...

National3 weeks ago

Cannadouro account disappears from Instagram 1 day before the event

CannaDouro's Instagram account will have been deleted or blocked by the social network provider. Access to the page was...

Hemp3 weeks ago

Pedrêz recipes: How to make cast hemp concrete in situ

In 2018, the Pedrêz workshop began, at Rua do Paraíso 331, in the historic center of Porto, the construction of the first...

Events3 weeks ago

Cannadouro returns to Alfândega do Porto next weekend

Shortly after Porto was chosen by the World Travel Awards as the best city destination in the world...

International3 weeks ago

Ireland: People Before Profit wants to change legislation to allow adult use of cannabis

The Irish political party People Before Profit will present in two weeks a bill that intends to change the...

International3 weeks ago

USA: President of the National Institute of Military Justice demands extension of the pardon for cannabis offenses to veterans

The president of the National Institute of Military Justice of the United States of America (USA) asked President Joe Biden to...

Interviews3 weeks ago

César Cardoso: “Building with hemp is a true green alternative”

Stimulating innovation in modern architecture, using natural or recycled materials, with low environmental impact, is one of the priorities...