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      1. Cannareporter is a Portuguese cannabis news portal.
      2. Cannareporter aims to be a dynamic platform and a reference center for objective information on cannabis in all its aspects: medicinal, therapeutic, industrial and recreational.
      3. Cannareporter has no political, party, ideological, economic or religious affiliation and intends to contribute to the debate on cannabis with rigor and exemption, listening to all sectors of civil society, from doctors, politicians, jurists and researchers to organizations, institutions, companies, patients and consumers.
      4. Cannareporter believes that only through information and individual freedom can responsible cannabis use be achieved, the only way to improve public health, end trafficking and boost the national economy.
      5. Cannareporter has its own independent content creation team in Portugal and adapts news from other media, always verifying and citing the source.
      6. News, reports, interviews and opinion pieces are accessible on the Cannareporter website or through a weekly newsletter.
      7. Cannareporter respects Article 37 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic in its entirety and complies with the premises of freedom of expression and information. 
      8. Cannareporter always tries to listen to all parties involved, respecting different positions, and renounces any type or form of censorship.
      9. Cannareporter is governed by the Journalist Statute and strictly complies with the Press Law and the Code of Ethics for Portuguese Journalists.
      10. Cannareporter does not adopt the Spelling Agreement.


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Hemp5 hours ago

Hemp cultivation in the Azores will have an information session on Terceira Island

The Confraria Internacional Cannabis Portugal and CannAzores join forces to promote an Information Session on the Cultivation of...

Health5 days ago

CBD and CBC show promising results in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

A study published in the journal Cancers found that cannabis extracts rich in CBD (cannabidiol) can kill breast cancer cells...

International5 days ago

Ukraine: Zelensky signs bill to legalize medical cannabis

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a bill legalizing medical cannabis in Ukraine, with the expectation that...

National2 weeks ago

Portugal: Associação Mães pela Canábis publishes e-book on medicinal cannabis

The Association of Mothers for Cannabis (AMC) announced the launch of an e-book entitled “Frontiers of Cannabis: SCIENCE, THERAPEUTICS &...

corporations3 weeks ago

Akanda signs letter of intent to sell RPK Biopharma to Somaí. “It will be one of the few vertical cannabis companies in the EU”, says Michael Sassano

Akanda Corporation, an international medical cannabis company listed on Nasdaq (AKAN) and which owns the Portuguese company Holigen, announced...

Hemp3 weeks ago

Portugal: DGAV admits that CBD is its “big headache” and producers claim the use of the entire plant

The conference “Industrial Hemp – the (Re)birth of Fileira in Portugal” promoted by Cânhamor and Consulai, which took place on...

International3 weeks ago

Spanish pensioner bypasses Lisbon airport security with 21 kg of cannabis

A 63-year-old Spanish pensioner was detained in Malta, after landing at the airport on a flight from Lisbon,...

Hemp3 weeks ago

Portugal: The future of industrial hemp will be discussed tomorrow in Beja

  The EDIA auditorium, in Beja, will host tomorrow, January 30th, from 14 pm, a round...

International4 weeks ago

Spain: Director of the Special Anti-Drug Inspectorate proposes campaigns on the risk of cannabis consumption

The director of the Special Anti-Drug Inspectorate, Rosa Ana Morán Martínez, recently warned that Spain has become 'the main producer of...

Interviews1 month ago

Elena Battaglia, Veterinarian: “I have cancer patients who were expected to die two years ago and are still alive”

We spoke to Italian veterinarian Elena Battaglia, who has extensive experience using cannabinoids in animals, and explained...