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      1. Cannareporter is a Portuguese cannabis news portal.
      2. Cannareporter aims to be a dynamic platform and a reference center for objective information on cannabis in all its aspects: medicinal, therapeutic, industrial and recreational.
      3. Cannareporter has no political, party, ideological, economic or religious affiliation and intends to contribute to the debate on cannabis with rigor and exemption, listening to all sectors of civil society, from doctors, politicians, jurists and researchers to organizations, institutions, companies, patients and consumers.
      4. Cannareporter believes that only through information and individual freedom can responsible cannabis use be achieved, the only way to improve public health, end trafficking and boost the national economy.
      5. Cannareporter has its own independent content creation team in Portugal and adapts news from other media, always verifying and citing the source.
      6. News, reports, interviews and opinion pieces are accessible on the Cannareporter website or through a weekly newsletter.
      7. Cannareporter respects Article 37 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic in its entirety and complies with the premises of freedom of expression and information. 
      8. Cannareporter always tries to listen to all parties involved, respecting different positions, and renounces any type or form of censorship.
      9. Cannareporter is governed by the Journalist Statute and strictly complies with the Press Law and the Code of Ethics for Portuguese Journalists.
      10. Cannareporter does not adopt the Spelling Agreement.


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High Tide and Sanity Group join forces for legalization in Germany

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Switzerland starts legal cannabis sales with transparency-focused tracking software

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Argentina creates Regulatory Agency for the Hemp Industry and Medicinal Cannabis

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Hong Kong: CBD ban takes effect on February 1, with millionaire fines and life sentences

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Japan takes steps to legalize medical cannabis

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US: Curaleaf shuts down operations in California, Colorado and Oregon

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Bedrocan expands medical cannabis production to Denmark

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