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Colombia: Seventh debate takes place today and legalization may be in sight

The Senate of Colombia will discuss during today a proposal to amend the Political Constitution of Colombia,...

International2 days ago

Competition Bureau Canada recommends easing rules for recreational cannabis

Canada's Competition Watch Agency has published a report recommending some changes to Canada's cannabis laws...

International2 days ago

Iceland considers 4-year medical cannabis access pilot project

Iceland could be the next European country to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, after a...

International3 days ago

Amsterdam will fine anyone who smokes cannabis in public in the Red Light District

The ban on cannabis use in public in the Red-Light District in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has now come into force, to...

International3 days ago

Spain: Minister of Health promises report on medical cannabis by the end of May

The Minister of Health of Spain, José Manuel Miñones, announced that he will present a report by the end of May to...

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Authorities find 2 tonnes of hashish adrift off the coast of Gibraltar

Gibraltar Customs agents seized a total of 53 bales of hashish, weighing approximately 2...

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Have you ever thought about working with cannabis? It's getting easier and easier to find a job in this area!

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in Europe and the one with the most jobs going...

corporations2 weeks ago

Costa Rica grants the first medical cannabis production license

The first license to grow medicinal cannabis in Costa Rica was granted this week by the Minister of Agriculture, Víctor...

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We tested “The Wand”, from Ispire and got safer dabs

We recently had the opportunity to test Ispire's “The Wand”, a device for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, or...

International2 weeks ago

Brazil: President Lula da Silva appoints Viviane Sedola to the “Conselhão”

The President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, reactivated the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development, better known as “Conselhão”...