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We tested “The Wand”, from Ispire and got safer dabs



"The Wand", by Ispire - Photo: João Xabregas | cannareporter

We recently had the opportunity to test the “The Wand" from Ispire, a device for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, or “dabbing”, in its most popular form of consumption. The Wand was offered to us by an Ispire brand representative during the conference ICBC Barcelona 2023 and proved to be safer than the traditional “blowtorches” needed for heating, in addition to allowing greater portability. The test was carried out by João Xabregas and reflects only his opinion about “The Wand”. See the details of his experience here.

I've been interested in getting one for a while now, and I'm pretty excited to finally have the opportunity to try this portable device, which promises a clean and tasty vaping experience. In this review, I'll share my thoughts on The Wand's design, performance, and overall quality, as well as any drawbacks or limitations I encountered during my testing.

O The Wand is a device for dabbing that uses heat induction heating technology, so you can heat your bang at the temperature you set, thus removing the risks of using traditional blowtorches. In this perspective, the Ispire device eliminates the danger of burning yourself, as well as reducing the chances of consuming it at excessively high temperatures, providing a safer and more pleasurable way of consuming extracts in the form of dabs.

The Wand “kit” includes two banger 14mm, one completely straight and the other with a slight curve, which facilitates adaptation to different types of rigs that exist, two induction bowls for the extracts, a carb cap, the USB cable to recharge the battery, instruction manual and, of course, the Wand itself, as well as two rechargeable batteries for your use.

Something interesting and well designed are the dab cups, which, as you can see in the photos, has an inner metal ring that absorbs the heat produced by the device, being completely covered in glass, which guarantees that the extracts placed inside will only be in contact with glass and not the metal, allowing them to be easily cleaned at each consumption session, just as you normally clean your banger.

Regarding its use, The Wand is very intuitive and simple to use. Starting with the preparation of rig itself, all you have to do is place one of the banger that comes with The Wand on your rig and one of dab cups inside bang. To turn on The Wand, just click the power button 5 times and adjust the temperature to whatever you want, with the limit ranging from 121ºC to 426ºC (250ºF-800ºF). For those who are more beginners, I recommend starting around 204ºC-213ºC (400ºF-415ºF), in order to avoid a more unpleasant experience, later starting to experiment with other temperatures.

Then, just choose between automatic heating or manual heating, where the automatic is activated by clicking twice on the power button and the manual by keeping pressing the power button until it reaches the set temperature. The signal that heating is given by a small LED in the heating zone, which will flash while heating is carried out and will turn on continuously when the programmed temperature is reached.

This small LED has two colors: one in yellowish tones, which indicate that heating is in progress/completed; and another red one, which means that the heating process is activated, but the metallic component that absorbs the heat is not detected, thus serving as a form of security, in case the automatic heating is activated, without risk of burns for anyone, if they decide to stick your fingers in the heating zone.

After the programmed temperature is reached, just place the extract you intend to consume inside the dab cup, cover with dab cap and enjoy your dab safely and easily at a controlled temperature.

Just like the “traditional” methods of consuming extracts by dabbing, after consuming the extract it is recommended that you clean the cup with cotton swabs and alcohol, in order to remove the residues that remain inside, as well as the outside of the cup. For basic cleaning of the exterior of the cup it's best to let it cool down a bit to avoid burning yourself. And, as I mentioned before, for the deeper cleaning process, the methods already used to clean other types of glass paraphernalia (isopropyl alcohol, own cleaning solutions, hot water and salt, etc.) work without major problems.


One of the aspects that ends up bringing some advantage to The Wand compared to the already traditional emails is the fact that The Wand ends up being much more portable and possible to use almost anywhere, since having its own rechargeable battery, it does not need access to an electric current to be used. Thus, battery charging can be done with powerbanks or simply having an extra pair of batteries for any quick fix.

Something that may cause some confusion for some is the fact that The Wand only has the option of controlling the temperature using degrees Fahrenheit and not Celcius, which is understandable, since it is a device that was initially launched in the United States of America. However, and since nowadays it is easy to convert temperatures through any quick search on the internet, there is also the fact that many online articles dedicated to dabs and temperature recommendations to use end up using the American system, which will make things easier for those who are less experienced.

In general, and having been interested in trying The Wand in person for some time now, I was quite surprised. First for its weight, which I imagined it to be a little heavier than it actually is, which helps with its portability. Obviously, the fact that it is a simple and easy-to-use device makes it a good option, not only for those looking for a safe way to control the temperatures to be used, but also for those who want to start consuming extracts by dabbing. The Wand also has the possibility of being used either with a flower or to heat the DynaVaps, although this requires some extras that are sold separately, and which were not tested here, as they were not included in the package. pack offer to which we had access.


For those interested in purchasing “The Wand”, we have made a small compilation of online stores in Europe where you can buy one.

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